• Youth Career Expo

    Cyndie Callaway, PhD, Vice-Chair - Education and Training

  • The Virginia Peninsula Chamber of Commerce, the Peninsula Council for Workforce Development and the Greater Virginia Peninsula School Divisions:  


    work together to produce the Youth Career Expo (YCE). It is our belief that by creating career ready graduates, we are paving the way for our youth to contribute to the economic sustainability of our region. The goal of the Expo is to educate students about the variety of career opportunities in the region and the skills needed to acquire those jobs.  

    YCE provides a balanced exhibition of the industries which make up our region, with a cross-section of over 60 exhibitors from nearly every business sector including Shipbuilding, Advanced Manufacturing, Government-Public Safety, Finance, Construction, Hospitality, STEM, Defense-Aerospace, Education, Automotive, Green Jobs, Healthcare and Transportation, have a presence at this event. 

    If you are a business owner, you understand the need to plan ahead, and to compete for the future workforce. The Youth Career Expo is a great opportunity for businesses, like yours, to connect with the future workforce and to encourage them now, to acquire the skills they will need to be successful in your industry, later. 

    Working with high school students nearing graduation provides you an opportunity to help sustain future economic stability, while giving students the chance to explore career choices available in our region. 



    2018 Youth Career Expo

    Photographs by Bob Harper Photography

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