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  • Leadership Institute Midas Award

    The Leadership Institute (LI) Midas Award is a prestigious award in memory of Lt. Col. William C. Paszkiewicz of the United States Air Force, a 2003 LI graduate, who unfortunately passed away shortly after graduation, to learn more click here. This award was created in memory of his extraordinary leadership qualities. Lt. Col. Paskiewicz possessed a positive “Can Do” attitude, the ability to motivate others, he was a catalyst for decisive action and dedicated and committed to follow-through on a project till its completion.

    Each LI class nominates a deserving recipient who possesses Lt. Col. Paskiewicz extraordinary and passionate leadership qualities and Casey Paffrath, Recreation Program Supervisor of the City of Newport News, Parks, Recreation and Tourism was chosen as the 2011 Leadership Institute recipient. Casey Paffrath was described by her peers as a role model, motivated, dedicated, passionate, committed and keeping everyone on their toes.

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    Midas Award Recipients

    "...where sometimes there is a vein of gold..." 

    Trish Melochick- LI 2004

    Michael T. Wilton- LI 2005

    Jim Adams- LI 2005

    J. Douglas Carper II- LI 2007

    Grant Keller- LI 2008

    Kevin Fallon- LI2009

    David Popkin- LI 2010

    Casey Paffrath- LI 2011