• Strategic Values

  • Business Driven:
    Acting always in the best interest of the Peninsula business community.

    Conducting all activities so as to bring credit to our Region.

    Providing visionary leadership by looking at the big picture and the long term in formulating policies and positions.

    Positioning the Chamber to positively and creatively respond to challenges and opportunities.

    Partnering with advocates and stakeholders in addressing common issues and opportunities throughout our region.

    Maintaining a flexible and responsive organizational structure so that we can effectively and quickly change activities or programs to serve the needs of the Peninsula business community in a rapidly changing environment.

    Diverse & Inclusive:
    Diversity and inclusion is about creating a work force that represents the global communities in which we live and work and ensuring an environment in which every individual’s contributions are valued. A diverse and inclusive environment challenges our way of thinking by bringing together a variety of talents, backgrounds and experiences, and serves as a catalyst for new ideas and innovation.