• LEAD Peninsula

  • LEAD Peninsula works to promote the development of civic leadership from within the business community, and fosters opportunities for increased communication and cooperation among the private, public and nonprofit sectors. Through a series of initiatives and programs, the LEAD Peninsula program provides opportunities for both recognized and emerging leaders to work collaboratively on issues of importance to the Peninsula community.

    Since 1984, LEAD Peninsula (formally Leadership Institute of the Virginia Peninsula) has been introducing its class members to the major facets of the greater Peninsula community through an intensive nine-month course. The LEAD Peninsula members participate in educational sessions, tours, retreats and candid conversations with community leaders. Topics include but are not limited to: local, state and federal government, education, media, environment, regionalism, history, economic development, criminal justice, health care, social services, and, arts and culture. The objective of this diverse array of topics is to challenge members to see their community as they never have before and to expand their knowledge on the different aspects that influence their community as a whole.

    Since its beginning, LEAD Peninsula has graduated over 700 diverse and accomplished individuals, many of whom have gone on to assume important leadership roles in our community.  While no two participants share completely the same background, all share a commitment to the Virginia Peninsula, influenced by their individual cities and counties as a part of a major economic region.  Most importantly, all participants have a desire to take an active role in determining the Peninsula’s future. 


  • Class of 2017


    • 2017-0504-LEAD-Federal-Impact-Day-(78).jpg
      Fort Eustis on Federal Impact Day
    • 2017-0504-LEAD-Federal-Impact-Day-(105).jpg
      Fort Eustis on Federal Impact Day
    • 18278820_1559406974072084_7404398180228494466_o.jpg
      Fort Eustis on Federal Impact Day
    • 4.jpg
      Monitor-Merrimac Memorial Bridge-Tunnel on Transportation Day
    • 2017-0302-Technology-Day.jpg
      NASA Langley's 14 x 22 Wind Tunnel on Technology Day
    • 2017-0202-LEAD-Government-Day-w1936-w968.jpg
      Virginia State Capitol on Government Day
    • LEAD-SIMSOC-2017-0105.jpg
      SIMSOC - Facilitated by Dick and Lura Hammond, Leadership on the Move
    • LEAD-Peninsula-Class-of-2017---Website-Images-(9).jpg
      Thomas Nelson Community College's Mechatronics Lab on Education Day
    • LEAD-Peninsula-Class-of-2017---Website-Images-(8).jpg
      Dr. Ashby Kilgore, Newport News Superintendent at the Aviation Academy on Education Day
    • LEAD-Peninsula-Class-of-2017---Website-Images-(7).jpg
      Dr. Jeffery O. Smith, Hampton Superintendent at the Downtown Hampton Child Development Center on Education Day
    • LEAD-Peninsula-Class-of-2017---Website-Images-(6).jpg
      VersAbility Resources on Health & Human Services Day
    • LEAD-Peninsula-Class-of-2017---Website-Images-(5).jpg
      Virginia Peninsula Foodbank on Health & Human Services Day
    • LEAD-Peninsula-Class-of-2017---Website-Images-(4).jpg
      Sentara CarePlex Hospital on Health & Human Services Day
    • LEAD-Peninsula-Class-of-2017---Website-Images-(3).jpg
      Newport News Fire Department Training Facility on Public Safety Day
    • LEAD-Peninsula-Class-of-2017---Website-Images-(2).jpg
      Newport News Police Department on Public Safety Day
    • LEAD-Peninsula-Class-of-2017---Website-Images-(1).jpg
      Sentara's Nightingale on Public Safety Day
  • LEAD Peninsula 2016-2017 Program Day Sponsors


    9/1/16...Opening Session...



    10/6/16...Public Safety Day...



    11/3/16...Health & Human Services Day...


    12/1/16...Education Day...



    1/5/17...SIMSOC Day...


    2/2/17...Government Day...


    3/2/17...Technology Day...


    4/6/17...Transportation Day...

    Monitor-Merrimac Memorial Bridge-Tunnel


    5/2/17...Federal Impact Day...


    6/1/17...Environment Day / Closing Session...

  • Virginia Peninsula Chamber Foundation, Inc.


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  • Class of 2017 Program Days

    September 1, 2016

    Opening Session / Orientation

    October 6, 2016

    Public Safety Day

    November 3, 2016

    Health & Human Services Day

    December 1, 2016

    Education Day

    January 5, 2017


    February 2, 2017

    Government Day

    March 2, 2017

    Technology Day

    April 6, 2017

    Transportation Day

    May 4, 2017

    Federal Impact Day

    June 1, 2017

    Environment Day / Closing Session