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LEAD Peninsula

Class of 2024 Sponsors

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About the Program

LEAD fills the need to Learn, Explore, Absorb, and Disseminate the portrait of the Virginia Peninsula!

LEAD Peninsula is a community and civic immersion program, which offers a comprehensive, behind the-scenes look at the components that make the Peninsula run efficiently and effectively and prosper economically. LEAD Peninsula also fosters opportunities for increased communication and cooperation among the private, public, and nonprofit sectors.

Since 1984, LEAD Peninsula has been introducing its class members to the major facets of the greater Peninsula community through an intensive ten-month program. The LEAD Peninsula members participate in educational sessions, tours, and candid conversations with community leaders. The goal is to provide intellectual and personal connectivity experiences with the various aspects of our community – business, education, environment, health, history, hospitality, human services, infrastructure (water/sewer), local, state and federal government, military and federal impact, public safety, tourism, transportation, workforce development, etc.

LEAD Peninsula is not technically a leadership development program, but it is a tool in developing future leaders on the Peninsula and for your business/organization. Participation in this influential program is a win-win-win, good for the Peninsula, good for the Chamber as an influential voice of the Peninsula business community and good for your organization.

LEAD Peninsula is already a respected and outstanding program. Please consider helping us to expand its influence and impact and to drive continual improvement by nominating and enrolling one of your recognized or emerging leaders.

For more information on the LEAD Peninsula program, or for questions on the application process, contact Jaime Parrish at

Additional Benefit: The Virginia Peninsula Chamber has partnered with the Virginia Peninsula Community College - Workforce Development to present participants of the LEAD Peninsula program with ten Continuing Education Units (CEUs) upon successful completion of the program.

Class of 2024 Program Dates

August 29 - 30, 2023
Mandatory Overnight Retreat

September 6, 2023
History, Hospitality, and Tourism Day

October 4, 2023
Environment Day

November 1, 2023
Transportation Day

December 6, 2023
Education and Workforce Development Day

January 3, 2024
Poverty Simulation

January 23, 2024
Optional Richmond Trip

February 7, 2024
Government Day

March 6, 2024
Public Safety Day

April 3, 2024
Technology and Manufacturing Day

May 1, 2024
Federal Impact (Military) Day

June 5, 2024
Civic Engagement Day

June 12, 2024
Completion Ceremony


“I think I value having a new perspective on just how much we have on the Peninsula in terms of resources, players, and the global view. I gained insights into what challenges the Peninsula faces as a whole, and how so may different organizations approach these problems in their individual ways. I also feel like I got a good understanding of the limitations and struggles individual sectors face when trying to do so (manpower, government, technological, funding, complexity, etc.). I truly feel that this program has made me into not just a resident of the VA Peninsula, but a genuine citizen of the Peninsula”

Anonymous (Class of 2023)

“As a new member of the Peninsula community, the LEAD program helped educate me on the wide variety of community assets the Peninsula has to offer and helped me meet many great business leaders. But, you don't need to be new to town to appreciate this program as there is a lot to learn about the industries and businesses across Hampton Roads!”

Sara Balgoyen – Development Director, Soundscapes (Class of 2023)

“Participating in LEAD Peninsula was extremely rewarding. As a lifelong resident of the Peninsula, there was still so much I did not know about our area! This was a comprehensive deep dive into community covering all aspects of the region. The program days ran seamlessly and I felt my time was very well spent. I truly feel that I can be an advocate for the Peninsula now. The Chamber staff paid attention to every detail and made this not only educational, but enjoyable. You can tell a lot of planning was done to execute the program so effectively.”

Lindsay Pennington – Managing Broker and Partner, Garrett Realty Partners (Class of 2022)

“LEAD Peninsula is an excellent program that brings leaders from different industries together. I have learned so much about different businesses specific to the Virginia Peninsula area that I knew very little about before this program. As a result, I know now how to better support them.”

Crystal B. Bright – External Affairs Manager, Dominion Energy (Class of 2021)

“I can’t say enough good things about LEAD Peninsula. The schedule of events was well thought out, hitting on various sectors and highlighting notable aspects of the Virginia Peninsula. As a lifelong resident of Hampton Roads, I had many experiences and learned heaps of information completely new to me. LEAD Peninsula gave me a better understanding and appreciation of my home region, which I now share with anyone who has time to listen. In addition, the opportunities to connect with the leaders of our region were priceless. I met people who’ve gone on to support me both personally and professionally, individuals whom I now count among my friends, colleagues, and professional network. The resulting donations to the nonprofit organization I represent more than triple the cost of participation in the program. I highly recommend LEAD Peninsula to anyone interested in building their network and having fun while doing it.”

Rachel Kuchta – Development Director, Peake Childhood Center (Class of 2020)

"Participating in the LEAD Peninsula program was an amazing experience. I learned so much about the region that I didn’t know, even after living here for 20 years!  Each session is built around a theme and highlights different aspects of the region’s economy.  I also connected with some great industry leaders that I would not have met otherwise.  Don’t think you have to be in your twenties or early thirties to benefit from this experience!  I highly recommend LEAD Peninsula to anyone who wants to learn more about the 757 region."

Barbara Monteith - Development Manager, Alzheimer's Association (Class of 2020)

“I highly recommend the LEAD Program to any emerging or recognized leader as it is an opportunity to collaborate in an effort to improve many facets of the Peninsula. This is a rare opportunity to experience the inner workings of local organizations, ask questions about their operations and offer feedback. In addition, during the course of the program, you'll explore the mosaic of the Peninsula, meet other leaders and become friends not only during the course of the program, but potentially for a lifetime.”

Jenifer Spratley – Director of Marketing and Public Affairs, Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport (Class of 2019)

“This is an excellent program to meet leaders on the peninsula, learn the interaction of many programs, projects, companies and non-profits on the peninsula and Hampton Roads area. This program provides the best cross section of insights into the peninsula in particular. The VPCC has developed this into a learning and insight program that the leaders in this area should take advantage of to the maximum extent possible. It is a minimum impact on the company, and provides a very high return on the investment for the company and the employees.”  “The LEAD Peninsula Program is an excellent program connecting the local community businesses with the vast capability in the region.  The program really opens your eyes to the capabilities, diverse businesses, and opportunities in the Hampton Roads area.  You get insight at a depth that most of the population will never see, and how businesses can have a greater impact on the sustainability of the region.  I highly recommend this program for company leaders, and emerging leaders within the companies, regardless of the size of the company, organization, or type of business.”

Jeryl Hill – Engineering Group Manager, Science Systems and Applications, Inc. (Class of 2019)

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