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Membership Benefits

…or what’s in it for me?

It is quite simple-- a chamber of commerce is an organization that is dedicated to protecting and promoting the local business community. The primary goal? To help business owners connect and grow. Chamber’s host networking events, and a variety of targeted programs and seminars to increase awareness about your business and provide connections that enable you to develop and grow your business.

The Chamber is a relevant trusted organization that supports the business community. Overall, most business owners feel a Chamber membership is a must-have. It is an affordable group that will foster connections and promote your business. The Chamber provides you with the resources, visibility and the connections, it is your responsibility to use the resources, become engaged in the programs offered by the Chamber and foster those connections into relationships. Chamber members are typically area businesses who want to invest in the local demographic.

Other benefits include:

  • VPC Website: Receive "free" listing in online Business Directory, access to members’ only section, advertising opportunities on Hot Deals, M2M coupons, job listings and more!
  • Business Directory & Community Profile Listing: A comprehensive annual publication that reaches thousands of business leaders in the area and people across the nation.
  • Mobile App: Receive "free" basic listing in mobile Business Directory.
  • Business Development: The Chamber assists small business development in many ways through their seminars, webinars and programming. The Chamber provides referrals to those inquiring about products or services provided on the Peninsula.
  • Mailing Labels: Membership mailing lists may be purchased to help businesses with mailings to existing members.
  • Events and Programs: The Chamber host 100+ events over the course of a given year, each designed to help you as a small business owner to either get to know your peers, your competition or your customers that much better. These kinds of programs provide tremendous business opportunities for people to get to know one another and expand their prospect base and generate great leads. Membership pricing and sponsorship opportunities are available.
  • Mentoring: The Chamber can assist you locate a mentor when you are starting or trying to grow your own small business.
  • Networking: The Chamber provides face-to-face communication where building trust, respect and name recognition is concerned. And it is only through building that level of relationship over time that you are likely to acquire customer referrals and find the most suitable vendors, consultants and distributors you need to help you grow your small business long-term. In the world of business, connections are priceless. The Chamber offers opportunities that are convenient and allow you to connect with other business professionals. Such events as Business Connections After Hours, Coffee Connections, Pink Bag Lunches, just to mention a few opportunities.
  • Promotions and Publicity: The Chamber present programs that offer promotional materials, events and activities to welcome new residents and businesses to the area, ensuring that your business is front and center and ahead of the local competition with this very valuable target audience.
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