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    Jeffrey D. Wassmer - President/CEO, Spectrum

    “Spectrum arrived on the Virginia Peninsula in early 2001 with ten employees.   Almost ten years later with the help of The Chamber, we are nearly 300 strong.  The VPCC has helped in many ways, including: introductions to vendors, savings on our medical costs, seminars and a job fair that is one of our most productive each year.  A personal strength the Chamber has provided is their Leadership Institute in which I have personally attended, as well as over 12 members of our corporate team.  It is a great introduction to the wealth of the Peninsula in many ways and has broadened our network greatly.  The Chamber has had a very positive effect on us, helping our small business feel big!”

    Guy Manchester, Branch Manager, Financial Securities Management, Inc.


    "Over 20 years ago I changed careers.  I retired from a fantastic military career to spend more time with my teenage daughter and my wife.  I wanted to take charge of my life, and my future, in a manner that would also help others.  I picked three organizations that I thought could help me build a business here in Hampton Roads; the VPCC was one of those three.  My association with the VPCC helped me learn the who, what, and where of business.  Successful members gladly shared their “secrets” and “regrets”, so that I could use the former and avoid the latter.  I found encouragement, education, resources, and lifelong friends and business partners through the VPCC.  Today I successfully manage millions of client dollars and count the VPCC involvement a major component in that success. I would recommend that any new business consider making the VPCC a vital part of their business plan and to carve out the necessary time it takes to be an active member."






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