• 2020 Job Fair

  • The chamber has hosted this event for over 30 years with an average of over 75 companies from all over the country participating.

    This event will be open to the public from 9:00 am - 2:00 pm.  

    This event is free for potential employees who are expected to arrive at the venue in business attire, and with a properly prepared resume.  Seminars will assist attendees in how to utilize the job fair, and how to develop job search strategies.


    2019 Career Fair

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    • 2019-0718-Military-Business-Job-Fair-(12)-w750.jpg
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    • 2019-0718-Military-Business-Job-Fair-(1)-w750.jpg
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    • 2019-0718-Military-Business-Job-Fair-(10)-w750.jpg
  • Photographs above by Timorah Beales Photography

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    Job Seekers

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