• Virginia Peninsula Chamber Foundation, Inc.

  • The Virginia Peninsula Chamber Foundation, Inc. (VPCF) founded in 1991 has a mission to promote and advance economic stability on the Virginia Peninsula business communities of Hampton, Newport News, Poquoson, James City County and York County through the development and delivery of business education programs with emphasis on basic business education and leadership training for adults, high school students and Peninsula business organizations while providing mentoring support systems. 

    The foundation has developed five proven educational programs that produce community leaders. These unique programs incorporate different teaching styles and require the students to develop program solutions to improve the present economic climate within the Peninsula.

    The premier program, LEAD Peninsula is an adult program designed to take current business professionals and develop their leadership skills and motivation for community service on the Peninsula. The program works to promote the development of civic leadership from within the business community and fosters opportunities for increased communication and cooperation among the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. Through a series of initiatives and programs, the Leadership Institute provides opportunities for both recognized and emerging leaders to work collaboratively on issues of importance to the Peninsula community.

    Bridge is an educational series that offers a variety of professional development experiences to Young Professionals under 40 on the Peninsula. Bridge is sponsored by the Virginia Peninsula Chamber Foundation in partnership with the Economic Development Agencies of Hampton and Newport News, it is driven by Young Professionals on the Virginia Peninsula. Bridge connects current leaders to emerging leaders in our market while offering opportunities for Young Professionals (YP's) to gain experience, practical wisdom, resources, mentorship, and meaningful professional relationships with mentors and peers alike. Bridge empowers Young Professionals to advance in reach and depth! Bridge prepares YP's to participate in the advancement of the Virginia Peninsula.

    The Youth Career Expo is an event that provides rising high school juniors and seniors from the Peninsula and surrounding areas the opportunity to develop and create business connections with Peninsula employers and to improve their employability skills. The expo offers students the opportunity to develop business skills through mock interviews, educational seminars, and the introduction to community, business, and local and state government and elected leaders.