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    Overview: Returning to work after COVID-19 may be scary, awkward and jarring.  As businesses begin to reopen, employees will gradually return to working in their offices. In just a few months, best practices, optimism, and etiquette have all changed. These changes not only apply to our personal lives, but to the workplace as well. This workshop will provide tips and tools on how to meet employees where they are and offer budget friendly suggestions to promote employee health and wellness.

    Topics Include: 1) Support Employees’ Mental Health: Learn how to help employees build resilience and manage COVID related anxiety.  2) Safety First: Putting a personal touch on safety.  3) #DistancingTogetherAtWork: Ways to encourage social connection while safely bringing employees back into the office.  4) Restore Productivity: Increasing employee morale and keeping your employees engaged



    June 30, 2020 - Adding the Personal Touch During COVID-19




    June 2, 2020 - Decoding COVID Workplace Challenges