• Military Affairs

  • One of the Chamber’s top priorities is to preserve and enhance the human, physical and fiscal value of the military located on the Virginia Peninsula. This is accomplished through community leadership, federal and state lobbying efforts and the Military Affairs Council, while encouraging and strengthening community awareness and involvement. The Chamber is committed to those who serve, or have served our country, as well as their families. 

    The Virginia Peninsula is host to four military installations:  Joint Base Langley Eustis (JBLE) composed of Langley Air Force Base, located in Hampton,VA and Fort Eustis located in Newport News, VA; the U.S. Naval Weapons Station - Yorktown and the United State Coast Guard Training Center - Yorktown located in York County, VA.


    The Military Affairs Council (MAC) is comprised of the Installation Commanders and Command E-9's, The Senior Commander Army Element (MG), selected business leaders and senior representatives from federal, state and local organizations who meet to collaborate and liaison to:

    • Continuously support the U.S. military’s role in support of the national security strategy and emphasize the value of the Virginia Peninsula and the Commonwealth of Virginia as a strategic location for Department of Defense assets.
    • Identify the potential impacts to the defense industry, the Virginia Peninsula's businesses and the surrounding communities and strive to attract other public-private ventures with the military.
    • Bridge mutual understanding and provide continuity between senior military personnel and Peninsula business leadership.
    • Externally endorse (civilian Council members only) the needs of Peninsula-based military commands with key defense officials, military chiefs, local elected officials, members of the Virginia General Assembly and Commonwealth Executive Offices, Virginia's congressional delegation and other congressional officials on Capitol Hill.



    The Eustis Civic Leaders Association (ECLA) exists to:

    • Protect the asset of Fort Eustis in order to maintain its sustainability and seek opportunities for growth and development of its missions and operations;
    • Educate the community with respect to the mission and needs of Fort Eustis, Newport News, Virginia and its various tenants, which may change from time to time, but which currently include, but are not limited to TRADOC, the 7th Sustainment Brigade, 597th Transportation Brigade, the 128th Aviation Brigade, the Joint Task Force Civil Support; and the Department of the Army;
    • Support the morale, welfare and education of the personnel attached to Fort Eustis and their families;
    • Facilitate a mutually beneficial relationship between the community and Fort Eustis;
    • Encourage the enhancement and improvement of the facilities and assets of Fort Eustis, and its occupants; 


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