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Member Spotlight – Regina Jasak Independent Insurance

Regina Jasak Independent Insurance

“Mama always had a way of explaining things so I could understand them.” -Forrest

From the very beginning, I have served a smaller, more select group of clients and done a better job of it. This concentration of activity enables me to give you more time and attention. You get the coverage you need at a competitive price. My extra attention to detail can lead to substantial savings.  Utilizing over 25 companies, we tailor coverage to each individual client and business.

We specialize in providing a unique prospective on the needs that each individual; personal or business, client requires. To ensure each and every client understand their insurance needs by providing a clear, concise explanation of coverage. So many times, insurance products are purchased on price; as the client does not understand that they have options.  The not-so-funny thing is that having adequate coverage does not necessarily mean a higher cost.

With this type of guidance and education, clients are able to select the best coverage at the best price.  We are focused on our clients having the coverage they need at the time they suffer a loss.


Types of coverage we provide:

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